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Posted by Austin Barker | 24-05-2016

Galasport – About the Brand

Galasport Logo 1

Here at Cool Blue Canoes we choose our brands very carefully in order to provide world class products at a reasonable cost to our customers. “Galasport’ is our flagship brand in terms of Canoes / Kayaks as well as paddles. It is important to recognise the history and work of the brand that has gone in, to make it the company it is today.

In 1990 Vladislav Galuška created the “Gala Sport Suŝice” company and then in 2000 the company Galasport was established.
Galasport is Czech owned, has Czech employees and all the products are produced within the Czech Republic.

Galasport strives to produce the best paddling products possible by using only the best materials available, combined with a well-known and highly skilled workforce/design team. Due to this it wasn’t long until they were recognised as the best manufacturer of paddles and boats by many of the top paddlers around the world from several nations.

vavra factory

Vavřinec Hradilek working with the Galasport team in the factory on his London 2012 Olympic boat.


Galasport’s products are the first choice of many of the worlds top athletes within various paddling disciplines, whether it be Canoe Slalom, Canoe Polo or Whitewater and Downriver paddling. Olympic Golds, World and European Championships are just a few of the titles won using Galasport Equipment.

boris neveu

Boris Neveu of France – G1 Team. Canoe Slalom World and European K1 Champion


The company is at the forefront of innovation, particularly within the Canoe Slalom scene, which has meant that paddlers of all ages and abilities use their products worldwide.

We are confident that Galasport are able to deliver you with quality products that will support your paddling, whether it be competitive or recreational. Their extensive range of products will help anyone to enjoy their time in a boat !

Happy paddling !

Cover Photo – Sideris Tasiadis