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Caipi – The long awaited new Galasport kayak is here !


One of the most popular kayaks at the present time due to GB paddler Joe Clarke winning Olympic Gold at Rio 2016 in this exact model !


The Caipi is the new model that has been developed with World and European Champion, Boris Neveu. It has been based on the popular Tik Tak kayak.

Boris’s intention with this kayak was for it to spin faster, making it more a more responsive boat than the Tik Tak – which has been the most popular slalom boat in the world over the past few years.

The first step was to change the position of the cockpit. The rim has been moved back a couple of centimetres so that the user is able to achieve a more comfortable seating position as well as enabling the boat to spin easily.

Changes to the tail of the boat have also been made. The bumps behind the cockpit have been cut down compared to the Tik Tak and the widest point of the kayak has been moved back in order to make the tail more stable.

The changes have meant that this model is more stable in upstream gates and a lot more responsive as a whole.

The Caipi is already being used by Boris Neveu, Joe Clarke, Ben Hayward and others.

This video featuring Boris Neveu explains the Caipi.

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